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Thursday, August 28, 2003


Listen up, chickens. I need you to stop whatever you're doing (like, for example, checking to see if I'm ever going to post again) and fire off an email to me at rabbit@rabbitblog.com, telling me your top five favorite blogs. If ye olde rabbit blogge happens to be on the list, knock it off and put number 6 on there instead.

Trust me, this is for a good cause. More on that later, though.

In exchange, I promise to post to this blog EVERY SINGLE DAY NEXT WEEK! I swear to the good Lord, I will. Even though I'm really busy and I have a headache and it's fucking hot in my apartment and all I really want is chocolate pudding pie, covered in whipped cream and sprinkles. I promise a whole week o' posts. But I have to get at least 50 emails, OK? That's harder than it sounds.

I'm looking for blogs that are weird, entertaining, strange, obsessive, hilarious, or just thrillingly, mind-bogglingly dull. Yes, we all know about tons of blogs. I want to know about the ones that someone tells you about and you're bored so you go check them out, and they make you smile or chuckle or retch, and you just have to tell someone else about them, because they're so damn [strong adjective].

Come on, chickens! Get off your fat chickeny asses and impress me! Or just send a few I might not have heard of. Whatever.

1:45 PM

Monday, August 04, 2003


My piece about the best show of the summer is right here. Don't make me tell you again that you don't have to subscribe to read the whole thing (although you should, since it keeps the caffeine-enriched rabbit chow flowing), you can look at an ad and then read anything on the site for free. Not to toot my own rusty horn, but friends of the rabbit won't want to miss this one.

11:36 AM

Friday, August 01, 2003


I hope Kobe's innocent, but the bullshit that's been flying around lately has been freaking me the fuck out. Thank god Kristen Fischer has offered an intelligent, impassioned response to the case, and to the bile that's been spewed at his alleged victim.

3:44 PM

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