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Friday, April 29, 2011


I'm moderating the Page & Screen (TV writers with novels) panel at the festival of books this Saturday in LA! Includes Howard Gordon (executive producer of 24), E Vincent Duke (long list of TV credits including my personal favorite Beverly Hills 90210) and Pamela Ribon (writer on Samantha Who? and author of the very funny and excellent blog pamie.com). We'll be discussing the pros and cons of TV writing vs. novel writing, the wild and wacky world of Hollywood vs. the slow and dusty universe of book publishing, and of course, addressing the classic question of sock-sock, shoe-shoe vs. sock-shoe, sock-shoe.

Saturday April 30 at 3:30 PM
Norris, USC
Page & Screen
Moderator: Ms. Heather Havrilesky
Mr. Howard Gordon
Ms. Pamela Ribon
Mr. Duke Vincent

As Pamela notes on her website "The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is free, packed with things to do and see, and so deliciously nerdy you will be in geek heaven." Well put!

I will ALSO be appearing on a Sunday panel, discussing my memoir Disaster Preparedness and, apparently, talking about "finding the hook," presumably in order to dislodge it from the inside of a dead fish's stomach.

Sunday May 1 at 2:00 PM
Norris, USC
Memoir: Finding the Hook
Moderator: Ms. Susan Carpenter
Ms. Heather Havrilesky
Ms. Jillian Lauren
Ms. Lisa Napoli
Mr. Richard Polsky

12:08 PM

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I wrote this essay about fantasy and HBO's "Game of Thrones" for the NY Times Magazine. I also imagined Donald Trump in the Oval Office, for The Awl. One Facebook friend read only the headline ("Donald Trump Would Run a Great, Great Country") and unfriended me. 1 down, 435 to go!

8:08 AM

Friday, April 15, 2011


It's 92 degrees here in sunny Los Angeles. The dogs want a walk. Husband person upstairs, hacking off pipes with a hacksaw, then planning to cap them in a performance art piece involving a soldering iron. The audience refuses to gather and applaud, paces downstairs, worried.

Back, one hour later. Husband person didn't adequately cut off water, leading to catastrophic water leakage, swearing, bloody fingernail, and 9 soaked towels. I knew I'd get enlisted into this one. Hate improvisational performance art! Booo!

Time for cocktails.

3:49 PM

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